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Emo lyricsIt's like a stranger had a key, came inside of my mind And moved all my things around But he didn't know snakes can't kneel or prey Try to break the psyche downEmo song lyrics
(Marilyn Manson - Deep six)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - Blessthefall (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Blessthefall - rise up
Keep your eye focused this time, keep us in front of your sights, I\'ve waited long for this, now it\'s our time for bliss, I just hope we have the time. I stand broken, please God hear my cries, he does everytime.

Blessthefall - To Hell and Back
Slow motion, but we're moving faster, moving faster. So much further let's not lose control.

Blessthefall - Black Rose Dying
Stand back. Drop to your Knees. I'll step back as you bleed. With my heart, my skin, my kiss

Blessthefall - Higinia
I would die just to live, and yet we all live to die

blessTheFall - hyginia
If you could stay here for just a little bit, a little while, a little bit with me you're what makes me, and if god could keep you with me I'd trade just about anything You're what makes me want to change things

Blessthefall - 40 Days...
And I need you now, 'cause it's killing me. And I wish somehow, you were here with me. When I fall asleep I feel you with me until I fall asleep and you are with me

Blessthefall - Open Water
If your love is just a dream, don't wake me up. It's hard enough to face this world alone.

Blessthefall - Walk on water
If I had another day to try to take away your pain Now you're so far out of reach It's a lesson you can't teach!

Blessthefall - Hollow Bodies
They're coming for us now (whoa) So don't make a sound (whoa) Is there anybody left to see the sun? Is there anybody left to cure the dead? Unaware and unawake Unaware and unawake

Blessthefall - You Wear A Crown But You're No King
Am I gonna be the last one standing? How's it gonna feel when I'm on top I guess I'll watch you walk away

Blessthefall - Rise Up
I stand broken, God please hear my cries. He does everytime..

Blessthefall - Melodramatic
You'll try and you'll fail I'll be the one that prevails

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