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Emo lyricsWho will fix me now? Dive in when I'm down? Save me from myself, Don't let me drown. Who will make me fight? Drag me out alive? Save me from myself, Don't let me drown.Emo song lyrics
(Bring Me The Horizon - Drown)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - Blessthefall (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Blessthefall - rise up
Keep your eye focused this time, keep us in front of your sights, I\'ve waited long for this, now it\'s our time for bliss, I just hope we have the time. I stand broken, please God hear my cries, he does everytime.

Blessthefall - To Hell and Back
Slow motion, but we're moving faster, moving faster. So much further let's not lose control.

Blessthefall - Black Rose Dying
Stand back. Drop to your Knees. I'll step back as you bleed. With my heart, my skin, my kiss

Blessthefall - Higinia
I would die just to live, and yet we all live to die

blessTheFall - hyginia
If you could stay here for just a little bit, a little while, a little bit with me you're what makes me, and if god could keep you with me I'd trade just about anything You're what makes me want to change things

Blessthefall - 40 Days...
And I need you now, 'cause it's killing me. And I wish somehow, you were here with me. When I fall asleep I feel you with me until I fall asleep and you are with me

Blessthefall - Open Water
If your love is just a dream, don't wake me up. It's hard enough to face this world alone.

Blessthefall - Walk on water
If I had another day to try to take away your pain Now you're so far out of reach It's a lesson you can't teach!

Blessthefall - Hollow Bodies
They're coming for us now (whoa) So don't make a sound (whoa) Is there anybody left to see the sun? Is there anybody left to cure the dead? Unaware and unawake Unaware and unawake

Blessthefall - You Wear A Crown But You're No King
Am I gonna be the last one standing? How's it gonna feel when I'm on top I guess I'll watch you walk away

Blessthefall - Rise Up
I stand broken, God please hear my cries. He does everytime..

Blessthefall - Melodramatic
"You'll try and you'll fail I'll be the one that prevails"

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