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The one who left, the one who tried I miss your taste that's where I am When you aren't here when you’re not here I’ll miss your face, forever now It's all my fault, it's over ... And The Cat Turned To Smoke, by Orchid

Emo Song Lyrics - Candyde (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I really like you, Are you going to help me again? Is there really something to gain? Without you, I would be lost somewhere, but where? You saved my life now I love you, I love you"
    I Love You, by Candyde
  • "We have to find our ways. Where are our ears? Why are we all so weird? Where is the happiness? You can't tell by my dress. Where isn't the fear? Could it please disappear?"
    Much-ry Munchin Kingdom, by Candyde
  • "Guess what I stan death, cause happiness is everywhere"
    Happiness, by Candyde
  • "We scare humans simply by existing, we really don't have the right of living"
    Spider People, by Candyde
  • "Two sons and one cadaver, yes I want things to go that way. Two sons and one cadaver, you are worse than the gays."
    Two sons and one cadaver, by Candyde
  • "Hey why do you allow me to be alive? Hey why do you allow me not to die? Hey you, why do you want me to survive? Hey you, why don't you try to kill me now?"
    Why Don't You Kill Me?, by Candyde

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