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Emo lyricsHelp, i have done it again I have been here so many time before hurt myself again today and the worst part is there's no one else to blameEmo song lyrics
(Sia - Breathe Me)

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Emo Song Lyrics - Dance Gavin Dance (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Dance Gavin Dance...

Dance Gavin Dance - betrayed by the game
damaged pride and vulnerable, all my fears are open now. never thought this would hit me so hard...

Dance Gavin Dance - Chucky vs The Giant Tortise
Let's live in this delusion that we don't live in perpetual confusion and there's meaning to our lives.

Dance Gavin Dance - TurnOffTheLights, I'm Watching Back to the Fu
Overcome by circumstance I put my life in the devil's hands Fell lower than before, lower than ever before I know it's hard to forgive me now But I swear I've taught myself how to barricade the door I won't go there anymore

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