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Tonight we will no longer live in fear, We fight for what is right, So what if it's the wrong reason? This is our riot! Just scream, I want to hear you shout! This is our riot, no one can take that away from us! Our Riot, by The Riot We Started

Emo Song Lyrics - Flyleaf (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Left alone with only reflections of my memory To face the ugly girl That's smothering me."
    Sorrow, by Flyleaf
  • "Do u believe in God Written on the bullet Say yes2 pull the trigger And Cassie pulled it They didnt love their live so much As2 shrink 4rm death Inspired in their footsteps We will march ahead dont b shocked that people die Be surprised ur still alive."
    cassie, by Flyleaf
  • "Here I stand Empty hands Wishing my wrists were bleeding To stop the pain from the beatings"
    red sam, by Flyleaf
  • "Here you are down on your knees again trying to find air to breathe again And only surrender will help you now I love you please see and believe again"
    Again, by Flyleaf
  • "Sometimes I'm a selfish fake; You're always a true friend; And I don't deserve you 'Cause I'm not there for you; Please forgive me again "
    There For You, by Flyleaf
  • "Arise and be, all that you dreamed, all that you dreamed."
    Arise, by Flyleaf
  • "Arise and be, all that you dreamed."
    Arise, by Flyleaf
  • "I will break into your thoughts With what's written on my heart I will break, break I'm so sick, Infected with where I live Let me live without this Empty bliss, Selfishness I'm so sick I'm so sick"
    I'm So Sick, by Flyleaf
  • "Will this fire consume or refine?"
    Justice and Mercy, by Flyleaf
  • "Say yes to pull the trigger"
    Cassie, by Flyleaf
  • "This fire rising through my being Burning, I'm not used to seeing you I'm I'm alive, I'm I'm alive"
    All Around Me, by Flyleaf

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