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Emo lyricsEverything just crashed around me. This is hopeless, I am loveless. The one that stole my heart stabbed it.Emo song lyrics
(just_another_emo_kid - Dear Tragedy)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook - 2
Why not judge by hearts? Lifestyles are beautiful Perfect what we know of each other And just be one

Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook - 9
Surviving a Broken heart is so hard But once you do survive You realize That you are so much strong, stronger than You ever knew

Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook - 7
These are my hands, and through them, my soul Translates into melodies I used to touch your face and your hair All I can feel is metal and wood

Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook - 3
I will commit suicide at the very peak of our desperate love So it will never get the chance to weaken or fade And you will do the same Only to immortalize our unified hearts And so that every moment Will remain fresh in both our minds

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