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Welcome to a new world disorder! Terror and chaos are spreading worldwide. Welcome to a new low of evolution. The end of the world, made by mankind. New World Disorder, by Agonoize

Emo Song Lyrics - Kill Hannah (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Unwanted, unneeded You've always been mistreated Hang on! (Don't do what they say to) Unwanted And been for so long Say, "Hey, Mom! I'm never coming home again" "
    Unwanted, by Kill Hannah
  • "I don't know what you are But one look and I'm hooked from the start Now I'm falling apart That's what you get for falling in love"
    10 More Minutes With You, by Kill Hannah
  • "I took you up against the wall On the rooftop we climbed through broken windows It's how alive you make me feel Shot a photograph to capture you and prove that this is real"
    Wrap Myself Around You, by Kill Hannah
  • "Knock me out (knock me out) Knock me out (knock me out) Cause I've waited for all my life To be here with you tonight"
    Lips Like Morphine, by Kill Hannah
  • "So this is how it is to be alone Your heart beats like it's cracked and made of stone But whenever someone asks just say there's nothing wrong"
    They Can't Save Us Now, by Kill Hannah

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