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Emo lyricsThere's no regrets. Why's love and hate always a step ahead? What's left? Caught in betrayal, we failed, je ne regrette rienEmo song lyrics
(Cinema Bizarre - Je Ne Regrette Rien)

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Emo Song Lyrics - Lostprophets (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Lostprophets - Last Train Home
And we sing, sing with out a reason to never fall in love. To never fall in love again

Lostprophets - Burn, Burn
Burn burn the truth the lies the news, Burn burn the life that you cant choose, Burn burn the hate that gets you through, Burn burn for us, for them, for you

Lostprophets - Rooftops
Standing on the rooftops (Wait until the bombs drop) This is all we got now(Scream until your heart stops)

Lostprophets - burn

Lostprophets - Last Train Home
Is anybody listening? Love was once apart but, now has disappeared. You told me that its all part of the choices that you make. Yeah, even when you try the rights its still wrong in here.

Lostprophets - Rooftops
Standing on the Rooftops, everybody scream your heart out, Standing on the rooftops everybody scream your heart out

Lostprophets - For All These Times Son (For All thses Times()
Lip gloss lies, doin the time, never gonna miss what i left behind, if I got the chance i;d do it again I wouldn\\\'t change it.

Lostprophets - Rooftops
This time, Will we always say we tried?

Lostprophets - 4am forever
I just let them slip away, 4am forever.

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