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Emo lyricsDarling don't be alone Come visit me here now in Lucifer's home Angel don't let the world bring you down Come love me here tonight in Lucifer's TownEmo song lyrics
(Malice in wonderland - Lucifer's Town)

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Emo Song Lyrics - My Passion (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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My Passion...

My Passion - Crazy and Me
Crazy and Meeeeee !! Slippin' back into townnnn, Excessivley Vainnnn, Goin' quickly Insannnne... Bring the Anger with me, Stop te Angerrr...Yeahhhhh !!

My Passion - Day Of The Bees
Take me on my own,no-one here will ever know. Straight line to the heart, just promise that we'll never part <3/

My Passion - Day Of The Bees
Hold baaaack !! Tears won't change a thing.

My Passion - Thanks For Nothing
Threre's a hole inside your head, where I keep the words we said, Now the Anger's dead, There's a world outside instead.

My Passion - Asleep in the Asylum
Well it's wake-up time, but there's no life in your house, the coward smiles, there's love and hate in your eyes - Asleep in the Asylum <3

My Passion - Asleep in the Asylum
Then your Father came, with the washing linnnne !!, then the big bell rang, then my heart went Bangggggg!!

My Passion - The Fabulous Blood Disco
The Fabulous Blood Disco, I'm Furious, One Black gun and Click Click...Bang !!

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