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Emo lyricsFlowers of red, begin to bloom on the white sheets in her room. Our lifeless bodies lying there rotting. For all of time, and eternityEmo song lyrics
(Chiodos - Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses A Fork?)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - New Years Day (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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New Years Day...

New Years Day - Do Your Worst
You've got a nasty little side of you that's new to me. i wish i knew the signs were on the wall for all to see. A penny for your thoughts a dollar for the rational one! you never seen the glass as anything but empty!!!

New Years Day - Death of the Party
We are the death of the party, were here to save you.

New Years Day - Kill Or Be Killed
Back against the wall so Its kill or be killed No other choice then bloods gonna spill Back against the wall so Forget or forgive But after all this I never will

New Years Day - Angel Eyes
Take my breath, you can reach inside my chest, you can have whatever's left. Baby, I'm possessed.

New Years Day - Your Ghost
Pull the trigger let me know What's real so I can start Again and learn to fail

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