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Quietly I am screaming for help, I calm down and steady myself. Collapse to the ground when I realize I can't breathe. Could this be happening. All the walls are closing in on me and confusion makes it hard to see. Beyond the Sacred Glass, by Alesana

Emo Song Lyrics - New Years Day (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "You've got a nasty little side of you that's new to me. i wish i knew the signs were on the wall for all to see. A penny for your thoughts a dollar for the rational one! you never seen the glass as anything but empty!!!"
    Do Your Worst, by New Years Day
  • "We are the death of the party, were here to save you."
    Death of the Party, by New Years Day
  • "Back against the wall so Its kill or be killed No other choice then bloods gonna spill Back against the wall so Forget or forgive But after all this I never will"
    Kill Or Be Killed, by New Years Day
  • "Take my breath, you can reach inside my chest, you can have whatever's left. Baby, I'm possessed."
    Angel Eyes, by New Years Day
  • "Pull the trigger let me know What's real so I can start Again and learn to fail"
    Your Ghost, by New Years Day

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