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Everythings eliminated Everything is dedicated Tried to leave this life i hated, Even death was over rated Love song for the dear departed Head stone for the broken hearted Arms to kill Or flowers to steal.. Love Song, by Korn

Emo Song Lyrics - Orchid (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "What's so good about being human? Just a construct-changing definition, for changing boundaries"
    To Praise Prosthesis, by Orchid
  • "The one who left, the one who tried I miss your taste that's where I am When you aren't here when you’re not here I’ll miss your face, forever now It's all my fault, it's over"
    ... And The Cat Turned To Smoke, by Orchid
  • "Though you are miles away I put my hand on my stomach And pretend it's yours"
    Black Hills, by Orchid
  • "I was crying, you were laughing Hit in the face, blood on the snow We were never happier We were never happy"
    Epilogue Of A Car Crash, by Orchid
  • "I can't make you happy I can't even make you feel anymore How can you look me in the face and say that"
    Boy With No Arms, by Orchid
  • "When I die one thousand birds will Fly out of my mouth"
    Death Of A Modernist, by Orchid

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