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Dear my silent demon eat me up till I'm gone I dnt deserve to live skin an bone is what I want thin is more human close to me u hold me tight Ana won't I be alright? Ana, by xEpik.Kuppcake.Screamsx

Emo Song Lyrics - Orchid (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "What's so good about being human? Just a construct-changing definition, for changing boundaries"
    To Praise Prosthesis, by Orchid
  • "The one who left, the one who tried I miss your taste that's where I am When you aren't here when you’re not here I’ll miss your face, forever now It's all my fault, it's over"
    ... And The Cat Turned To Smoke, by Orchid
  • "Though you are miles away I put my hand on my stomach And pretend it's yours"
    Black Hills, by Orchid
  • "I was crying, you were laughing Hit in the face, blood on the snow We were never happier We were never happy"
    Epilogue Of A Car Crash, by Orchid
  • "I can't make you happy I can't even make you feel anymore How can you look me in the face and say that"
    Boy With No Arms, by Orchid
  • "When I die one thousand birds will Fly out of my mouth"
    Death Of A Modernist, by Orchid

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