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And then she closed her eyes. Found relief in a knife. The blood flows as she cries. The Way She Feels, by Between The Trees

Emo Song Lyrics - Palaye Royal (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "life is just a game"
    morning light, by palaye royale
  • "I'm Mr. Doctor man questions his hands Lost his mind, clinically fine Found a way to cope needle in his throat Falling down but the world is spinning round and round he know"
    Mr. Dr Man, by Palaye Royale
  • "Ma Cherie Time wont be enough To make you even fall in love with me Prefer the needle to me Want to hold you in my arms But you want nothing to do with me Ma Cherie"
    Ma Cherie, by Palaye Royale
  • "I fell in love with my best friend She fell in love with you instead Cause she's a teenage heartbreak queen Oh it's me and my misery"
    Teenage Heartbreak Queen, by Palaye Royale
  • "This shit messes with my head The only home I know is my bed Too lazy for suicide"
    Lonely, by Palaye Royale

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