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My soul is burning as your flesh crawls Ripped from your burden of grief Too tired to mourn and too sad to care Just get the fuck out of here Celestial Furnace, by Disarmonia Mundi

Emo Song Lyrics - SEKAI NO OWARI (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "You know, I don't give a damn about what's right or pleasing everyone around me, cause I know this world that brought us life wasn't made to keep everyone happy."
    Anti-Hero, by SEKAI NO OWARI
  • "Don't you let your heart grow numb to everyone, oh child, listen to the sound of silence. Saving someone else means saving yourself. It's true, and I'm sure you know it too."
  • "Hello again, Mr Heartache, how many times have we met? How are you now? It's been a while since I saw you last, did you gain some weight? You look a bit older. Nostalgia hits me."
    Mr Heartache, by SEKAI NO OWARI
  • "You believe God and miracles don't exist, but still; even when you haven't seen it or witnessed it, you believe scientists, dreaming of outer space, what they say becomes truth, that's what you believe."
    Death Disco, by SEKAI NO OWARI

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