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don't leave me in all this pain, don't leave out in the rain, come back and brig back my smile, come and take this tears away, (...) un-cry this tears, i cried so many nights! ...) and life is so cruel without you here beside me ! Un-break my Heart, by Toni Braxton

Emo Song Lyrics - Slint (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I'm trying to find my way home. I'm sorry... ... And I miss you. I miss you. I've grown taller now. I want the police to be notified. I'll make it up to you, I swear, I'll make it up to you."
    Good Morning Captain, by Slint
  • "Creeping up into the sky. Stopping, at the top and, Starting down. The girl grabbed my hand, I clutched it Tight. I said goodbye to the ground."
    Breadcrumb Trail, by Slint
  • "Don stepped outside. It felt good to be alone. He wished he was drunk, Thought about something he said, And how stupid it had sounded"
    Don, Aman, by Slint
  • "Everytime I ever cried from fear Was just a mistake that I made Wash yourself in your tears And build your church On the strength of your faith"
    Washer, by Slint
  • "She peeked around the corner She offered me her hand My teeth touched her skin Then she was gone again"
    Nosferatu Man, by Slint

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