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Emo Song Lyrics - Waterparks (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I’d unfuck you if I could. I’d unlove you like I should have Months before I did, In the months before I split. It’s turbulent"
    Turbulent, by Waterparks
  • "How about the messages that you still send Even though I blocked your number And I never fucking answer. My anxiety was turbulent and permanent, You gave me hell on Earth And said to “work with it.” "
    Turbulent, by Waterparks
  • "Maybe if I kill myself you'll know I'm sincere. I'll shave my blue hair Burn the rest of two dares Drop from 'parks Like fuck it, who cares? "
    TANTRUM, by Waterparks
  • "But now people use my friends to try to get to me (fuck you) But we don't know you and you don't know we. We're freaked out and fragile It's become more than a hassle But I'll tell you. Loud gets lonely. "
    TANTRUM, by Waterparks
  • "You don’t love me the same. It’s such a fucking shame I don’t deserve as much As all your pop faves. You wanna hear my art But only on your terms So learn these fucking words. "
    WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, by Waterparks
  • "I miss having sex but at least I don't wanna die anymore And I think that's pretty cool I miss seeing the red on your face when I made you blush, hey But I think it's fine, it's cool"
    I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don't Wanna, by Waterparks
  • "Build your expectations Saturated and inflated 'Cause I was born to be your favorite Make me complicated I'm modern and I'm dated Because I was born to be your favorite"
    Dream Boy, by Waterparks
  • "I haven't loved myself, Just watching friends online Look like they need some help. I never wanted to be thinking this loud. I never asked about the when, why or how."
    Blonde, by Waterparks
  • "No plastic or paper can take her or make her, Shake from the fact she's my world devastator."
    Blonde, by Waterparks
  • "Cherry red You know I died for you Sour green We both lost me Now I don't want your sex And I don't want their money "
    Cherry Red, by Waterparks
  • "For the past couple weeks I've felt kind of great But this kind of great don't come without its share of grey I've been chewing off bites from my day to day But by night I'm left with nothing but a sour taste"
    Crave, by Waterparks
  • "I'm cravin', a getaway from the Smooth talk, that's keeping me grounded To the, carpet in my room My quiet blue tomb Of you"
    Crave, by Waterparks

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