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When you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell when you walk my way hope it gives you hope it gives you hell. find the man thats worth a damn and treats you well when you see my face hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell. gives you hell, by All-American Rejects

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  • "You made me wait and wait, until i started to cut deep into my heart, there is no more of this waiting nightmare, We emos dont like We...........LOVE!"
    we dont like we love, by Alli_Crazy_Bitch_Emo
  • "m nt alone cozZzz lonelyness izZz always wid mehhhhhhhhh"
    dnt kno, by emo
  • "im bleeding isnt that good enough for you???you try to criticize me when your the one causing me to feel and do this...."
    untitled, by emo cookie
  • "sitting in ur room checking ur myspace.working on those angles to hide that ugly face...dashing though the snow..emo rangers go...jingle bells,jingle bells.jingle all the way...ms.ball sacks here comes a monster"
    merry christmas emo rangers, by emo rangers
  • "every time I’ve tried, I have failed I see no point to life, because its frail So now I try to hide, all these times I’ve lied Because this life it seams is just a fucking lie So now we die. All of These voices- are my suicide"
    voices inside, by Emocentric
  • "as i bleed i watch you cry but its the only way cuz if i live i watch you die ITS OVER!!! im sorry i love you GOOD BYE now leave me here to fade to die"
    get over me, by emotionless murder
  • "Better Life, Better Life, I just want a Better Life, pour toi et moi, pour vous et nous."
    Better Life, by Eskemo
  • "Please stay the same, i take a look around everythings changin my life an societys changin, maybe the world would be a better place if we diddnt try so hard to be somthin we ain't "
    Wild America, by JJ Demon
  • "The more I think about it, we were just kids / Listening to death music, looking for excuses to live / With all our vampire make-up on, we were just kids, / But just you wait until you see what we did..."
    Yellow Balloon, by JJ Demon
  • "My darkest hour shines so bright. I am dying but it feels so right. Death take me please. But do it while the sky bleeds."
    While the Sky Bleeds, by just_another_emo_kid
  • "Everything just crashed around me. This is hopeless, I am loveless. The one that stole my heart stabbed it."
    Dear Tragedy, by just_another_emo_kid
  • "This is hopeless, I am loveless. The one that stole my heart stabbed it."
    My Dear Tragedy, by just_another_emo_kid
  • "If you think its me you wanna fight, Then I can promise you'll be dead by the end of the night! I'll always stand my ground! 'While you can't ever stand me. My existence brings you down."
    In(tro)duction, by Last Memories
  • "you could break my heart, you could tear my soul apart but you cant hurt me anymore, i have grown numb from all your beatings every word has no meaning anymore i feel broken the monster inside me has awoken and is no longer afraid to fight back"
    innocent, by rianbow_emo
  • "The white snow out your window. As astory, this is how it goes.i was alone. on myown. then a stranger came up and took me home. i see that i'm different. i hate4 it wish i could change it."
    I Told You, by The memory

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