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So what if I can't forget you I'll burn your name into my throat I'll be the fire that'll catch you caraphernelia, by Pierce The Veil

Emo Song Lyrics - slayer (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Before you see the light, you must die..."
    South of Heaven, by Slayer
  • "The ghosts of sin Torment the priests Their altar will soon be destroyed Heaven's palace Turning black The church now belongs to the dead Blackened magic Infest with lust Lucifer rules supreme"
    Haunting The Chapel, by Slayer
  • "Haunting the chapel, Hell's demons prevail. Death has come the house of god has failed"
    Haunting The Chapel, by Slayer
  • "Screams and nightmares of a life I want. Can't see living this lie no. A world I haunt. You've lost all control of my heart and soul. Satan holds my future, Watch it unfold"
    The Antichrist, by Slayer
  • "Close your eyes Look deep in your soul Step outside yourself a And let your mind go Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die"
    seasons in the abyss, by slayer

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