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I'm sorry bout your life, you've had it pretty rough. Bending over backwards, never good enough. You poor thing, it must suck to be you Sorry about your parents, by Icon For Hire

Emo Song Lyrics - Crestillion (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "My eternity withering away. Immortality lost within a day. I will find my own way out of this butterfly maze."
    Butterfly Maze, by Crestillion
  • "Let me hear, our fraction of time is near, lost inside, we're reaching our last seconds. Is it too late? Rewind, redo. I'm trapped in a paradox!"
    Paradox, by Crestillion
  • "Stick to the path! There's no sight of time, the clock hands moving past my eyes. It just goes on, it just goes. We need to go back, I won't let go. Will there be time to save you? I don't wish to see you fall!"
    Paradox, by Crestillion
  • "Touch me, crush me, Mold me to your will, I'd like to see you try, I'm not one to break so easily."
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "I don't know what you want from me Couldn't leave you even if you'd set me free somehow i feel there's more to us than just a scent of death"
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "Close to perfection, you'll see clear when you're on the ground, with broken wings, we'll see you're strength and know you're beautiful."
    Unbreakable, by Crestillion
  • "It's a pity all the stories about us never to be told, lost to the distance of old. I realise butterflys are following from the sky--y-y, dropping dead right before my eyes."
    Butterfly Maze, by Crestillion
  • "I think I saw you in my dreams, I think I heard your heartbeat. Touch me, just me..."
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "As much as I fear you, I keep drawing near you, not knowing what I'll find. You're too lost to escape, let me in, let me break the prison of your mind."
    Light High, by Crestillion
  • "I felt we are all innocent, but felt we are all doomed from the start. A gentle touch, a soft whisper, I've never had, I've never felt a change of heart."
    Til The End, by Crestillion

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