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Please hold me tightly, i don't care if i can breathe tonight when i stab myself in the ears, by hawthorne heights

Emo Song Lyrics - Escape The Fate (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Fall down, searching for the perfect place for you to lose it all again, slow down, keep it at a steady pace as i watch you fade away"
    Make Up, by Escape The Fate
  • "I have the remedy to this poisonous kiss, I struck the glass, it shatters bones in my fist"
    There's No Sympathy For The Dead, by Escape The Fate
  • "Please don't worry, I am doing fine. You're much too busy to even find the time, So use your chemicals and take this to your grave, The boys you left are men you didn't raise."
    The Day I left The Womb, by Escape The Fate
  • "As you wait, like the drug, like the change in the pain it goes on for so long And oh, how it hurts in the worst way, now that you're gone, it's so wrong, it's so wrong...."
    Cellar Door, by Escape The Fate
  • "To whom it may concern (Can you tell me?) I'm the same (You stayed the same) And all that I've learned (As you're falling down) Has faded away (You stayed the same) Away, away "
    As You're Falling Down., by Escape The Fate
  • "Dont fight... its hard to breathe when you're buried alive"
    Dragging dead bodies in blue bags..., by Escape The Fate
  • "And read between the lines I'm walking on an edge That's how I stay alive I need a fix now The pills I have to take It helps me live a lie and blinds all my mistakes"
    The Webs We Weave, by Escape The Fate
  • "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion"
    situations, by Escape The Fate
  • "And when you know there's nothing left You're gonna run like all the rest Pack your bags and turn your back on all the friends you had left."
    We Won't Back Down, by Escape The Fate
  • "We have to find a better way Out of this tragedy As the battle rages on Blood Strikes the clabbered hood My ears they hurt like shit Great soldiers are dying What part is this alone You Shoot This War is Ours This war is ours Yes, I will see"
    This War Is Ours, by Escape The Fate
  • "you say you're getting closer to that chance of suicide tearing at your throat you won't let it die left me here for all these days and ripped apart my pride "
    10 miles wide, by Escape The Fate
  • "This love is bittersweet. It's always incomplete. Right now you're killing me (ohhh-oh) 'Cause everything that you say, and every time that you stay, I see that now you have changed and I'm the one that you blame. "
    on to the next one, by Escape The Fate
  • "We're gonna drown your ego You're the legend no one knows, You're an honest fake I know So now I drown my pity In a pool of sorrow and shame Until the day I forget your name"
    We Won't Back Down, by Escape The Fate
  • "You are so beautiful, you are the kind of girl That has the chemicals that makes me fall in love Beautiful, you are the kind of girl, that has the chemicals That makes me fall in love"
    you are so beautiful, by Escape The Fate
  • "Sometimes I wonder why I'm still waiting Sometimes I'm shaking that's how you make me Sometimes I question why I'm still here Sometimes I think I'm going crazy "
    Something, by Escape The Fate
  • "A withered past and a blurry future, my hearts on an auction. it goes out to the highest bid."
    Reverse This Curse, by Escape The Fate
  • "Sometimes I wonder Why I'm still waiting Sometimes I'm shaking Thats how you make me. Sometimes I question, why I'm still here? Sometimes I think I'm going crazy Can you help me understand? "
    somthing, by Escape The Fate
  • "(Quick!) We have the ransom Tell me how that you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs (Below!) There's no more chances So tell me now that you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs"
    The Ransom, by Escape The Fate
  • "if i could take you somewhere id take u to the darkest place skater you in art forms......admire the whore....beauty in different ways your hands on picture frames....yours eyes in the glass wear your face as a mask......"
    cellar door, by Escape The Fate
  • "You said this could only could better. There's no rush because we have each other. You said this would last forever, but now I doubt if I was your only lover."
    Harder Than You Know, by Escape The Fate
  • "so keep my casket closed , your heart beats under the floor, it haunts me in my dreams , but nothings as it seems."
    when i go out....., by Escape The Fate
  • "Yes, I will lead you, through the smoke and flames, on the frontlines of war. And I will stand my ground until the end, til we conquer them all."
    This War Is Ours, by Escape The Fate
  • "Before I die I will have seen it all the mountains I have climbed help me enjoy the fall"
    The Webs We Weave, by Escape The Fate
  • "Breathing slowly never worked for me, I cut the throat of betrayal to watch him bleed, a poetic sonnet passion that I scream to the sky I'm tearing up I feel your love don't leave me behind "
    The Ransom, by Escape The Fate
  • "There's A Place That I Found. As Far As I Can See. This Place Lies Within; The Depths Of My Dreams."
    My Apocolypse, by Escape The Fate
  • "Oh the webs you weave We are caught in the fame the passion's dead the life you've lead has drown in your shame "
    The Webs We Wevave, by Escape The Fate
  • "Lying is your Greatest passion, Dying is your latest fashion"
    Situations, by Escape The Fate
  • "Your death is written on paper. My heart is filled by hatred. (fueled by hatred)Dragging (dragging)dead bodies up really steep hills!"
    Dragging Dead Bodies, by Escape The Fate
  • "Situations! Relavent now! She loves the way I tease, I love the way she breathes...I touched her Oohh , she touched my ahh it was the craziest thing"
    Situations, by Escape The Fate
  • "With bleeding hands I fight for a life that's beat me down, stand up and scream while the rest of the world wont make a sound"
    Ungreatful, by Escape The Fate

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