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Emo lyricsi look into your eyes but i can't find a reflectionEmo song lyrics
(Nicole Dollanganger - Adam (Reformatory))

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Emo Song Lyrics - Fearless Vampire Killlers (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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Fearless Vampire Killlers...

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Bite down on my winchester
There was a boy I can recall, freshed face and sweet as soul, never wanted anymore than to love and be loved.

Fearless Vampire Killlers - fetish for the finite
I have never, had a way with words. But someone out in the night is waiting for me. But can you blame them?

Fearless Vampire Killlers - fetish for the finite
It's a fetish for the finite, That grips my soul, Like a Lucifer love, Makes me whole.

Fearless Vampire Killlers - fetish for the finite
I'm handed a spade and I dig through the carpet my grave. Will you do it for me? Or must I by myself, Is what I did really so bad can't you see that, I'm Learning real fast? I swear by my heart, that this sin is the last.

Fearless Vampire Killlers - the pleasure of the pain
But the pleasure of the pain Consumes all I feel It steals But what it leaves Is a monster of me

Fearless Vampire Killlers - the pleasure of the pain
The devotion you give Down on aching knees Using your throat as a sieve While the ghosts of your rejections Haunt the places you've forgotten

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Could we burn, Darling?
In the centre of the town the sky Seems starless all we can do is climb And I'll wake in the mortuary With a taste for those Ketamine queens

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Could we burn, Darling?
Damn it I know how pathetic I sound But I'm scratching for the cash to bring you round Would gold, could gold quench Your lusting for more And my envy ridden core

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Could we burn, Darling?
But could we burn darlin'? Like fires in the night Swear I'll forgive you Then the only hitch will be Forgiving me (For those I've killed)

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Necromania
Take all you need, Hope you enjoy it 'cos The hang man you see He dealt the cards I play Ignore what you read And I'm sure we'll get on swell The life of the party as we burn in Hell

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Necromania
Dramatic you say?! You would be too if you saw Death in your way At every turn he mocks me Come let's go play Oh I assure you now He'll claim me one day It's the where and the how

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Necromania
SOMEONE PLEASE! Get me out of here AND CALL THE DOCTOR 'Cos I'm outta my head I don't mind just what your little preacher says You won't be laughing baby when you're dead

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Palace In Flames
Palace In Flames, The king is dead a prince remains, I will rise to rule, The kingdom sees a brighter day... Two days earlier sipping on some wine, The cardinal, I'm told, Is what they call a vampire

Fearless Vampire Killlers - maeby
Nearby, I'm just wasting time, believing, that you're waiting for me

Fearless Vampire Killlers - Neon In The Dance Halls
We’ll shine like neon in the dance halls, A vision of the starburst, Illuminating those cursed, Neon in the dance halls,

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