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But I won't apologize for being different. I can be who I am, and yeah, I felt so dead inside, But now I feel so alive, for the first time. Feel, by Sleeping With Sirens

Emo Song Lyrics - Issues (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Funny How Everytime You Push Me Away, You Turn Around And You Beg Me To Stay. Cut Down By The Things You Say. It's The Beating Of, A Broken Drum."
    The Worst Of Them, by Issues
  • "One Of These Days, You'll Push Me Away. Turn Around, It'll Be Too Late."
    The Worst Of Them, by Issues
  • "Making small stabs in passing But the pain is bigger than it seems"
    Stingray Affliction, by Issues
  • "A blessing in disguise Or just broke and pitiful, I don't fuck with these mind games baby, But if one thing's right I saw with my own eyes "
    The Realest, by Issues
  • "Say something I’m not giving up on you I’ll stay as long as I need to "
    COMA, by Issues
  • "Hooligans Got big hearts but they're just some kids Cali made, flashy sins. Need nobody 'cause we know where we fit in."
    Hooligans, by Issues

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