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Through all this time I waited, all this time I lost, I know I'll die young. Our sunsets another day. ALWAYS DIE YOUNG, by BatAAr

Emo Song Lyrics - Joel Faviere (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "If they, if they really knew all of those things that you do in your room! To hide the pain, i bet their minds would change yeah i bet their minds would change. They'd change if they knew the pain. Change cuz i believe in the scars."
    If You Knew, by Joel Faviere
  • "If You Listening To This Right Now...That Means Your Alive... Stay That Way..."
    Stay That Way, by Joel Faviere
  • "If they, if they really knew, what yo do in your room, to hide the pain, I'll bet their minds will change, cause I believe, in these scars"
    If They Knew, by Joel Faviere
  • "They think you're crazy, they think you're mad.. they call you stupid worthless, tell you you're not worth it."
    If they knew, by Joel Faviere
  • "The things you keep, cut right through me. I'm working too damn hard just to hurt at the end of everyday. Magical love, come back, we could do it all again. Give me that dull pain, so I can feel the light of day."
    Do This To Me, by Joel Faviere
  • "do you still care or do i sit here running in place with my hands in my hair & what if i said my friends hate my guts 'cause all i talk about is how it was"
    care, by joel faviere
  • "Another day alone Another night Another knife I guess I'm on my own The lights are on My eyes are closed And no one understands The Dark I'm dealing with And all the people in my life Are way too blind to see the vice "
    The War Against Ourselves, by Joel Faviere

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