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Fine disaster! Fine disaster! Fine disaster! Take it in my eyes. Push it down my throat. I wanna get you there. I wanna see you choke. Showcase Showdown, by Commander Venus

Emo Song Lyrics - One Last Wish (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "I went down to the sea I don't care if you don't believe me It spoke to me about my life It spoke with the voice of reason It told me to risk it all with the chance of nothing returned"
    My Better Half, by One Last Wish
  • "Why do we make it so hard? Why live our lives in distance? Why do we make it so hard? "
    My Better Half, by One Last Wish
  • "I know it's hard when every finger you point Gets pointed back at you I know it's hard when every fist that you raise Seems to hover over you But there's a question Like a knife And it won't allow you to hide"
    Hide, by One Last Wish
  • "Like the rain when it comes Leaving nothing to waste I close my eyes"
    One Last Wish, by One Last Wish

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