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Why do we make it so hard? Why live our lives in distance? Why do we make it so hard? My Better Half, by One Last Wish

Emo Song Lyrics - Pain (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "The only thing I ever wanted, the only thing I ever needed is my own way - I gotta have it all I don't want your opinion, I don't need your ideas stay the fuck out of my face, stay away from me I am my own god - I do as I please"
    shut your mouth, by Pain
  • "Love is only as even as the heart it breaks"
    To You, by Pain In Broken Wings
  • "Close your eyes, locked in chains, you're the devil in disguise, your name used in vain, scars long forgotten, bleed once more, pain and suffering turn you rotten, eyes on the open door"
    Devil in Disguise, by Pain on Broken Wings
  • "Is there anything I can do to prove myself to you?"
    Ghost, by To Paint The Sky

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