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I'm handed a spade and I dig through the carpet my grave. Will you do it for me? Or must I by myself, Is what I did really so bad can't you see that, I'm Learning real fast? I swear by my heart, that this sin is the last. fetish for the finite, by Fearless Vampire Killlers

Emo Song Lyrics - Pg.99 (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "She dies in his arms! now their love's a floating ghost, As she turns into ashes and the wind sends her crumbling!!"
    In Love With An Apparition, by Pg.99
  • "I pull back the lips (split the eyes one by one), rip out my hair and nails (cut off the fingers, remove the bones), pull my skin off in (swallow the heart) strips, and shatter my teeth (and crush the lungs now burn what's left)"
    Richmond is a hole, by Pg.99
  • "I am a prisoner in a war of idiots The stomping feet of walking hypocrites Pave the way of a brave tomorrow Choke the throat of passion and sorrow Kill my drifting breeze of thought I have been captured, I have been fucking caught"
    Punk Rock in the wrong hands, by Pg.99

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