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And there she was, reflecting so brightly the warmth that she installs. And there she was, we were infinte for a moment. Bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered, by Chiodos

Emo Song Lyrics - Shinedown (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "It's 8 a.m. This hell I'm in. Seems I've crossed the line again. For being nothing more than who I am. So break my bones. And throw your stones. We all know that life aint fair. But there is more of us. We're everywhere."
    Bully, by Shinedown
  • "They never knew how Much a broken heart can break the sound And change the seasons"
    What a shame, by Shinedown
  • "i don't want to live to waste another day"
    breaking inside, by shinedown
  • "All you'll ever be is a fading memory of a bully. Make another joke while they're hanging on the rope, so lonely. Push them to the dirt so the words don't hurt, and no ones gonna cry on the very day you die, you're a bully"
    Bully, by Shinedown
  • "I caught a chill and it's still frozen on my skin. I think about why I'm alone no one else to explain how far do I go no one knows if the end is so much better then why don't we just live forever"
    Breaking inside, by Shinedown
  • "Sometimes goodbye is a second chance"
    Second chance, by Shinedown
  • "Put ur hands in the air if u hear me up there ive been looking for u day and night. Shine a light in the dark so IK where u r cause im not gonna leave u behind. Wut if i told u that ur not alone. And I told u this is where u belong."
    Reunion, by Shinedown
  • "I created the sound of madness, wrote the book on pain and somehow i'm still here to explain, that the darkest hour never comes in the night, when you gunna stand up and fight...for your life"
    Sound Of Madness, by Shinedown
  • "All messed up and slightly twisted. am i sick or am i gifted?"
    Not Alright, by Shinedown
  • "I like crossing the line and slowly losing my mind r u ok cuz i feel fine. maybe its me im just CrAzY maybe i like that im not alright"
    Not Alright, by Shinedown
  • "It's 4:03 and I can't sleep without you next to me, I toss and turn like thr sea. If I drown tonight bring me back to life, breathe your breath in me. The only thing I still believe in is tou."
    Believe, by Shinedown
  • "Tell my mother, tell my father, I've done the best I can. To make them realize, this is my life. I hope they understand."
    Second Chance, by Shinedown
  • "My eyes are open wide, by the way I made it through the day. I watch the world outside, by the way I'm leaving out today."
    Second Chance, by Shinedown
  • "Keep these feelings no one knows."
    45, by Shinedown
  • "take another look take a look around its u & me & its here n now as u sparkle in the sky ill catch u while i can cause all we r is all i am i jus want u to c..iv always believed U R the miracle in me.."
    Miracle, by Shinedown
  • "Call me a sinner Call me a saint Tell me its over I'll still love you the same Call your favorite Call me your worst Tell me it's over I don't want you to hurt"
    Call Me, by Shinedown
  • "Call me a sinner Call me a saint Tell me it's over, I'll still love you the same"
    Call Me, by Shinedown

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