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Through playful lips made of yarn That fragile Capricorn Unraveled words like moths upon old scarves I know the world's a broken bone But melt your headaches, call it home Northern Downpour, by Panic! at the Disco

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  • "She showed me the things love can’t forget. Oh it hurt now. Made a list of my regrets. And you were the first, love, oh. Oh it hurts, I can’t forget."
    Ayala, by XXXTentacion
  • "Sing... ..me a sad song Top of the morning too. By the catacombs.. You and I.. It's do or die Skies are grey so you flew a kite We knew.. And I'll take... My lifetime.. Better days I won't awake ...And I know.."
    NEVER, by xxxtentacion
  • "lot in the pessimistic state of perception often gave you complection as a handle of weapon give me a bite of your apple give me all you can offer"
    slipknot, by xxxtentacion
  • "The memories from the past It's all fading to black She started turnin around And I won't let her control me No, I won't let her control me"
  • "We’re all livin’ in the gutter. Some of us are looking at the stars. Live fast, leave a pretty body. Lay it next to me. I wanna know, I wanna know if this life will be the death of me baby. Know, I gotta know, is this love?"
    L.A. Love Song, by XYLØ
  • "Stars fall like tears from your eyes The scars on my neck i cant disguise"
    So We're Named After Saints, by Yashin
  • "What’s the time? What’s the day? Go and leave me."
    Soft Shock, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • "Wait... they don’t love you like I love you."
    Maps, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • "Off, off with your head Dance, dance ’til you’re dead"
    Heads Will Roll, by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • "There's nothing for me here, it's all the same And even though I know That everything might go Go downhill from here, I'm not afraid "
    Way Away, by Yellowcard
  • "You‘re teliing me All your best jokes But my life always seems to be the biggest one"
    Inaccesible_, by Yesten's Legacy
  • "Revolution, let us show them that it's the only solution, right now it's up to you and me. Revolution, let us show them that it's the only solution, if you keep fighting you will light our own star."
    Revolution, by YOHIO
  • "Forever, together, just someone take away my pain. Together, forever, I'm not the only one to blame!"
    Invidia, by YOHIO
  • "Did you watch the news today? Well, it's all just bullshit anyways, oh. And I know that you know what I mean. Insanity has reached my mind, can't pretend anymore that I am fine."
    Revolution, by YOHIO
  • "Don't try and tell me who I am, cause I don't care, and you'll never understand. It doesn't matter anymore, behind your smile, there's not a thing left to adore. We're not the same, we never were, we'll never be!"
    Prophet In Disguise, by YOHIO
  • "All the things you said echoes in my head, and it's all because of my murderous urge, right now, I feel no pain. I'll make you pay, make you fade away, like a flower, my true colour never change. You'll not be able to kill me!"
    My Murderous Urge, by YOHIO
  • "You hide yourself behind broken mirrors from the past, I know it hurts, when the pain is diverse, and all your hope is fading. Seek the truth inside your soul. Open your eyes and you will see!"
    Before I Fade Away, by YOHIO
  • "Deep inside my jaded heart, distant voices keep on calling. Without the hope that I once had, I'm on the verge of falling! Every time I see myself, I can't seem to find an answer. The loneliness I once felt gets me on the verge of falling!"
    On The Verge, by YOHIO
  • "Somewhere in the rain, your tears dried on your face, I wonder if you still can see me. I'm looking for a sign to tell me where you are, these hands won't be enough to reach you. Mata ne."
    Rain - A Scene Drenched In Rain, by YOHIO
  • "your only brave til your scared, your only unique until compared to every other worthless fuck, trying to crawl into be tonight"
    Liv'in the Dream, by You me and everyone you know
  • "And I'm down, down, but definately not out!"
    Underdog, by You Me At Six
  • "You keep me on the edge of my seat I bite my tongue so you don't hear me I wanna hate every part of you in me I can't hate the ones who made me."
    Bite My Tongue, by You Me At Six
  • "She used to be the person of my dreams. And now she's just a demon of my nightmares."
    Rescue Me (Feat. Chiddy), by You Me At Six
  • "i know m finding it hard to breathe, and im drowning in my own sleep. i feel the pain rushing over me. So rescue me."
    Rescue Me, by You Me At Six
  • "And I say your name, and in the same breath I say something, that I'll grow to regret So keep your hands on your chest, and sing with me, that we don't wanna believe"
    Fireworks, by You Me At Six
  • "Is this the end of world, I cannot bare to watch you burn, as we're crawling in the dirt, is this the end of it all, where we used to stand so tall, I barely recognise you anymore"
    The swarm, by You Me At Six
  • "Tear out the strings, Connected to our hearts."
    Monster, by You Say Party, We Say Die
  • "Yes I know im a wolf and I've been known to bite, but the rest of my pack...I've left them behind, and my teeth may be sharp and I've been raised to kill...but the thought of fresh meat...it's making me ill!"
    I know I'm a wolf, by young heretics
  • "If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away To some fortune that I, I should have found by now I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down, come down"
    Cough Syrup, by Young the Giant
  • "am i.. suppose to be happy?when all i ever wanted it comes with a price. you said.. you said that you would die for me"
    cat and mouse, by your guardian angel

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