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i’m in love with an angel who’s afraid of the light Her halo is broken but there's fight in her eyes angel, by theory of a dead man

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  • "And I've just had a vision Almost like a prophecy I know - it sounds truly crazy And true, the vision's hazy"
    Defying Gravity, by Wicked
  • "Too long I've been afraid of Losing love I guess I've lost Well, if that's love It comes at much too high a cost! "
    Defying Gravity, by Wicked
  • "It's time to trust my instincts Close my eyes and leap! "
    Defying Gravity, by Wicked
  • "As someone told me lately: Everyone deserves the chance to fly! "
    Defying Gravity, by Wicked
  • "I'm through accepting limits 'Cuz someone says they're so Some things I cannot change But till I try, I'll never know!"
    Defying Gravity, by Wicked
  • "Now I'm not really interested In tellin' you my mind Just let me drag another before you go I'm a broken wire Yeah, nobody knows where to find us Cause it ain't nobody's loss"
    Nobody's Loss, by Widespread Panic
  • "death calls me from the shadows I warned you So now run I adored you And now what? You should learn when to trust For the sake of us all Don't die on me now."
    untitled, by will clay
    Boats n Hoes, by Will Ferrell
  • "There's just one thing, all I want you to do, A small something here's my body to use, Show the world how to fear and blaspheme, Here's the rope pull it tight Show me dark and obscene "
    Razors Edge, by William Control
  • "We fall, we fall in love with strangers killing time we fall, we fall in love with strangers in the night "
    Strangers, by William Control
  • "“I hope you’re ready cause you’re gonna sleep alone tonight We’re temporary and you’re moving further out of sight I’m moving boxes in, we are now seperate.”"
    Moving Boxes, by With Confidence
  • "Stand my ground, I won't give in No more denying, I gotta face it Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside If I don't make it, someone else will"
    Stand My Ground, by Within Temptation
  • "Sparkling angel I believe You are my savior In my time of need Blinded by faith I couldn't hear All the whispers The warning's so clear I see the angels I'll lead them to your door There is no escape now No mercy no more "
    Angels, by Within Temptation
  • "No one ever said that you had to face this on your own, Just do your best, forget the rest, your stronger than you know; so let it all go "
    Family first, by Woe, Is Me
  • "Who are you,to tell us who we are Who are you,you're a fiend, you're a liar, And I will summon the hands of a fighter,And you will know, who we are"
    If Not,For Ourselves, by Woe, Is Me
  • "I saw these chains locked to my wrists. Around my neck no shackles missed. Try to shake them off and flee. Nowhere to run without a key."
    Slaves, by Wolves At The Gate
  • "Forsaken life I count it as loss for the sake of the cross"
    The Harvest, by Wolves at the Gate
  • "I don't want you, I don't need you I dont care if I hurt or offend you, I'm frustrated I didn't make it and im full of hate just to say this, my love life, this sharp knife, im sick of hearing your lies now i wanna die."
    hater, by wristybusiness
  • "I hate it, i love you , i hate that i need to know what you do. but our love passed out on the couch."
    When our love passed out, by X
  • "Should I trade the breath of my life for freedom?"
    I.V., by X Japan
  • "Please don't be a part of a fairytale, but you're so young to play with thy own will. Should I trade the breath of my life for freedom?"
    I.V., by X Japan
  • "I just want to be happy But I can't figure out how Maybe we're not all cut out for it in the end not all of us were meant to find home inside our friends,or lovers some of us were meant to be loners"
    Loners, by xDeadintheDirtX
  • "hold me down while I scream blood running like a stream when you said you loved me lots it was a lie like my tears ur always near I hate u so"
    I Love You?, by xEpik.Kuppcake.Screamsx
  • "Dear my silent demon eat me up till I'm gone I dnt deserve to live skin an bone is what I want thin is more human close to me u hold me tight Ana won't I be alright?"
    Ana, by xEpik.Kuppcake.Screamsx
  • "I remember her smell and her touch... The way she used to talk to me... It all hurts so much now..."
    Teeth (Interlude), by xxxtentacion
  • "The pain in my heart just won’t end. The words that I find just don’t seem to compare. Awaiting my death in the end. Alone, I must seek out the end to begin."
    Orlando, by xxxtentacion
  • "Tired of feelin' like I'm trapped in my damn mind Tired of feelin' like I'm wrapped in a damn lie Tired of feelin' like my life is a damn game"
    Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares, by XXXTENTACION
  • "Now the fact that I’m alone is fucking comforting, and I can’t seem to shake this fucking feeling in my... cold shoulder, heart broken, misspoken."
    Carry On, by xxxtentacion
  • "Offense or defense.. Passive or violent.. I'll cut my wrists til my heartbeat is silent"
    skin, by XXXTENTACION
  • "I been up a very long time, Wonder why they hate on me. I don’t wanna love myself, I’m praying that they all love me."
    I don’t wanna do this anymore, by XXXTENTACION

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