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If I could find out how To make you listen now Because I'm starving for you here With my undying love And I, I will Breathe, by Paramore

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Latest Emo Lyrics:

  • "Cherry red You know I died for you Sour green We both lost me Now I don't want your sex And I don't want their money "
    Cherry Red, by Waterparks
    Both Sides of The Story, by We Are In The Crowd
  • "i'll never be what you want, i won't change any part of me just to make you stay, you had a piece of my heart but not enough to just run away, cos i know what's best for me!"
    Never Be What You Want, by We Are In The Crowd
  • "i'm trying my best to explain all the things i'm going through (just try! just try a little harder!)"
    Never Be What You Want, by We Are In The Crowd
  • "i found out finding out isn't the worst part"
    Both Sides of The Story, by We Are In The Crowd
  • "You bury me alive.. And everybody's gotta breathe somehow, don't leave me die.. Too consumed by your own emptiness and lies."
    Bury Me Alive, by We Are The Fallen
  • "If this is what you think is honest, honestly, I think I'm gonna freak out! This isn't where I wanna be, wanna be, I think I'll let myself out."
    Both Sides Of The Story, by We Are The In Crowd
  • "Get the dead man out of me..."
    Dead Man, by we as human
  • "Now you face the consaqensis. now you have to live with all of this. Now you get what you deserve when you live this double life..."
    Double Life, by we as human
  • "If i could only say what you want to hear, would i be aloud to speak?"
    Always, by We As Monsters
  • "I remember the day, between the past and the pain. We were never afraid of places unknown. There was nothing to fear, there was faith in the air. We will never be scared of letting go. What happened to the world I used to know?"
    The world i used to know, by We Came As Romans
  • "We all deserve this. To be renewed. To change our ways. To be allowed to choose. So let me build you back up. As you're carrying me too. We’re broken statues. Vines intertwined. "
    Broken Statues, by We Came As Romans
  • "We've been living in the shadows everyday. Are we every gonna learn from our mistakes?Our innocence, our ignorance, were lost but they'll be found.The innocence of years we spent."
    The world i used to know, by We Came As Romans
  • "I won't fade away Like the ones before I won't let you down We'll leave them miles away I know your heart's been torn I won't let you down"
    Fade Away, by We Came As Romans
  • "You're worth more than words, so let your fire burn. Your flame will be lit again, when a candle's burned at both ends"
    Hope, by We Came As Romans
  • "Trapped in purgatory A lifeless object, alive Awaiting reprisal Death will be their acquiescence"
    the dark ages are back, by we massacare the guilty
  • "Check, yes Juliet, kill the limbo ill keep tossing rocks at your window there's no turning back for us tonight"
    Check Yes Juliet, by We The Kings
  • "She said let's change our luck This night is all we've got Drive fast until we crash This dead end life Sweet dreams that won't come true I'd leave it all for you Brick walls are closing in Let's make a run tonight"
    sky way avenue, by We The Kings
  • "Cause if you jump, I will jump too. We will fall together, from the building's ledge. Never looking back at what we've done, we'll say it was love. Cause I would die for you. On Skyway Avenue."
    Skyway Avenue, by We The Kings
  • "Check, yes Juliet, are you with me? Rain is falling down on the sidewalk i wont go until you come outside"
    Check Yes Juliet, by We The Kings
  • "we’re apathetic and they can’t take that away"
    Happy Pills, by Weathers
  • "Knife in the back, thanks for the memories. With friends like these who needs enemies?"
    With Friends Like These, by Wednesday 13
  • "There's a crack in the frame, But the photo is the same, But I don't recognize the face, It looks a lot like me, or who I used to be, Now there's no one but myself to blame"
    Demise, by Wednesday 13
  • " With my head on the butcher block You're the only one for me, I'm in love with a decomposing zombie Beauty's on duty in this horror movie "
    I Walked With A Zombie, by Wednesday 13
  • "Time for me to leave this place, don't feel like its going to come come come"
    Let It All Hang Out, by Weezer
  • "im gonna do the things i wanna do. i dont have a single thing to prove to you. i eat my candy in the pork and beans. excuse my manners if i cause a scene. im not gonna wear the clothes you like. im finally dandy with the me inside."
    Pork and Beans, by Weezer
  • "Wake me up, before you go-go, 'cos i'm not plannin' on going solo."
    Wake me up before you go-go, by Wham
  • "The time has come at last For years we have followed the wake of his perilous rule Serpent of deception you will fall to your knees When this is all said and done"
    Messiahbolical, by Whitechapel
  • "This is what we have become A self absorbed population of scum The vision of the future is like staring at the sun God damn (god damn) the elitist ones"
    Elitist Ones, by Whitechapel
  • "listening to slowdive"
    avoid, by wicca phase springs eternal

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