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The chair fell down as she took her final breath It's all over, all gone, now she's greeting death her last word, by courtney parker

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  • "This used to be our secret Now I'm hiding here alone Can't help but read our names on the wall And wash them off the stone I trusted you in every way But not enough to make you stay Turn around I've lost my ground "
    Rescue Me, by Tokio Hotel
  • "Come and rescue me, I'm burning can't you see? Come and rescue me, only you can set me free..."
    Rescue Me, by Tokio Hotel
  • "I hate my life. I can't si still for one more single day. I've been here waiting for something to live and die for. Let's run and hide."
    In Your Shadow (I Can Shine), by Tokio Hotel
  • "I hold your letter in my frozen hands, the last line was long, as long as it hurts my love carries on. With every word another feeling dies I'm left here in the dark, no memories of you, I close my eyes, It's killing me..."
    Love is Dead, by Tokio Hotel
  • "You see my soul. I'm a nightmare out of control. I'm crashing into the dark into the blue, into the world of our cocoon. You're the sun and im the moon. In Your Shadow I Can Shine..."
    In Your Shadow I Can Shine, by Tokio Hotel
  • "Each step you make each breath you take your heart, your soul, remote controlled This life is so sick You’re automatic to me"
    Automatic, by Tokio Hotel
  • "Waking from a slumber; soul falling away from me. Persistent panic my thoughts disappear from me. Placidity sets in my prozac seems to fail me."
    Solace of Slumber, by Tom Russell
  • "I wish I had a window, a marker pen and height. This world is shit for me all it does is bite. Scrawling on my arms the world will know my pain. Its game over time for me, you wont see me again."
    2B BK, by Tom Russell
  • "On the tip of my tongue, i wish there were a gun. This life has no windows, who out there can see me? Valiums the answer but prozac hits harder, for endless sleep i lie in wait."
    Playing Prozac, by Tom Russell
  • "don't leave me in all this pain, don't leave out in the rain, come back and brig back my smile, come and take this tears away, (...) un-cry this tears, i cried so many nights! ...) and life is so cruel without you here beside me !"
    Un-break my Heart, by Toni Braxton
  • "You got a lot of nerve and Looks like the tables turning And now you're wishing me well like you miss me You got a dirty tongue and Looks like the damage done is forever And it's a long time to miss me"
    Lonely Girl, by Tonight Alive
  • "It was not you fault but mine, And it was you heart on the line, I really fucked it up this time... Didn't I my dear."
    Little Lion Man (cover), by Tonight Alive
  • "Stop it with your dirty, dirty looks Cause i've had it up to here With all your dirty, dirty looks "
    Beauty And The Beast, by Tonight Is Goodbye
  • "All the boys and all the girls like to play their stupid games which messes with your brain "
    Brain, by Tonight Is Goodbye
  • "Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA. The only way to fix it is to flush it all away. Any fucking time Any fucking day. learn to swim see u down in Arizona bay."
    AEnimea, by Tool
  • "I know the pieces fit, 'cause I saw them fall away."
    Schism, by Tool
  • "Hatred keeps me alive. How could this keep me alive? Weakness keeps me alive. Guilt keeps me alive, At the bottom"
    Bottom, by Tool
    Third Eye, by Tool
  • "Angels on the sideline, baffled and amused. Why did father gave this monkeys freewill? Now they are all confused."
    Right in two, by Tool
  • "Dear no one. This is your love song."
    Dear no one, by Tori Kelly
  • "Gargantua, tear me apart from within, until only you remain. spare me from suffering, help me erase the pain."
    Gargantua, by Torndown
  • "The extinction of a friendship is not an abrupt happening; it is truly a fade or dissolve."
    Kiss me Through the Computer Screen, by Toru Okada
  • "I didn't leave you cause I was all through Oh I was overwhelmed, and frankly scared as hell Because I really fell for you Oh I swear to you I'll be there for you This is not a drive by"
    drive by, by Train
  • "Black rose You were always where the sun could never go I never wanted you to have to be alone But I couldn't find a way to help you grow Black Rose"
    Black Rose, by Trapt
  • "Give Me The Strength, To Face What's In front of You. In front of Me. I am Your Length to Face What's in Front of You. In Front of Me."
    Forsake Not The Dream, by Trivium
  • "You don't have to say I love you to say I love you Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons"
    for him., by Troye Sivan
  • "At the same time, I want to hold you, I want to wrap my hands around your neck... <3"
    P!NK, by True Love
  • " Part of me died when I was young friend strung a rope round and got hung Principal told me that his neck broke Talk about death choke Walked away and bought myself a coke Tried to drink away my sorrows but inside I was broke..."
    Survived, by Tskr
  • "Listen to my raps don’t it sound like I’m bipolar Yet I keep a good composure, not a poser Always kosher, yet a joker To be honest sometimes it seems like my potential ain’t even out of its baby stroller "
    Soldier, by TSKR

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