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It says home is where your heart is but what a shame 'cause everybody's heart doesn't beat the same Jesus of Suburbia, by Green Day

Emo Song Lyrics - Yungblud (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Why can't you see, that I am okay? You take more drugs than me. Chewing your cheek, I can't believe you put me in a straight jacket."
    California, by Yungblud
  • "My mum thinks I’m on heroine and my dad just thinks I’m gone but they don’t know f*cking anything. Say “youth is wasted on the young”"
    Kill somebody, by Yungblud
  • "Psychotic kids, they don’t know what they want! Psychotic kids, we’ve gotta keep control of them!"
    Psychotic kids, by Yungblud
  • "Do you feel like you're irrelevant? Do you feel like you're just scared as fuck?"
    Mars, by Yungblud

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